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Centras, 3kb, vidinis, tarpinis, autonominis
Centras, 3kb, vidinis, tarpinis, autonominis
Adresas:      Vasario 16-osios g.

Išskirtinis pasirinkimas.

Daugiau info tik telefonu

Paskirtis:      Parduodama
Kainą:      750000 LTL
Kontaktai:      867779979
No location availible
Pavadinimą:      Centras, 3kb, vidinis, tarpinis, autonominis
Šalis:      Lietuva
Regionas:      Kauno m. sav
Miestas:      Kaunas
Adresas:      Vasario 16-osios g.

Išskirtinis pasirinkimas.

Daugiau info tik telefonu

Paskirtis:      Parduodama
Kainą:      750000 LTL
Rajonas:      Centras
Aukštas:      3
Aukštų skaičius pastate:      2
Vonios kambariai:      2
Kambariai:      3
Plotas kv/m:      150
Agentūra:      UAB Miesto NT
Atstovas:      Mantvydas
Kontaktai:      867779979
Pastato tipas:      Mūrinis
Šildymas:      Autonominis
Objekto būklė:      Suremontuotas
Galiojimo data:      2013-09-28

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Une supply d'informations conomiques pratiques ne pas manquer ds le 9 janvier 19h30. De furthermore, le blog Dficit Zro propose des complments sous formes de : vidos, suggestions financires, liens utiles sur les thmes des pisodes de l'mission.. ポールスミス

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Zone two locations will comprise northern beaches, Lake Placid, a recreation location on Freshwater Creek and several other boat ramps all around Cairns. A68600

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But it surely states when union officers tried to look into past week they were adopted all over by unidentified people. A60024

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"The generosity and thoughtfulness of people about the company was too much to handle," extra Darrell. "We got donations from locations we don't dreamed of." A50097

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Ms Hancock stated any rise in charges would've an influence on family and business budgets. A6350